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San Diego Home Inspection Qualifications

The State of California does NOT license Home Inspectors. This means that anybody off the street who wants to be a home inspector can. PLEASE DON'T BE FOOLED! Make sure your home inspector is QUALIFIED

San Diego Home Inspection Certification San Diego Home Inspection Specialist San Diego Home Inspection Training California Real Estate Inspection Association


ICC Residential Building Inspector

ICC Residential Electrical Inspector

ICC Residential Plumbing Inspector

ICC Residential Mechanical Inspector


Certification through the ICC is one of the highest qualifications any independent Home Inspector can achieve.  These certifications are like no other certifications, as they are based strictly on the International Code - the codes residential housing is built to. 



Why do you care? 

This translates into an inspection that is second to none. I have the knowlege of how a home is supposed to be built, enableing me to identify improperly installed systems,  defective structural conditions and serious safetey concerns.  



Yes I know, many San Diego Home Inspectors are members of the ICC - but guess what you can be a member too, just pay $150  and you're in!  That's right anybody with a little money can become a member and use the ICC logo. 


However, only a few Home Inspectors are actually CERTIFIED members.  


Don't be fooled. Make sure when looking for an inspector, if you see the ICC logo on their website/flyer, ask the inspector if they're actually certifed and ask for proof.